2 Step Record Playing System?! Wha?!?!

Our awesome coder Kevin Brooks built a new 2 step record playing system.  Now when a "Country Record" is called to play next in the broadcast schedule the player has to run to the record bin, find the right record and then take it to the record player to drop the needle.

The game time basically runs on a Broadcast Schedule that the player has to keep up with as the hours of the day tick by.  Pre-recorded shows are cued up in the computer, and records are played by the mixing board.  Our next two systems to develop are the patch bay/server and the live show microphone.  Basically, every once in a while the player might hear Dead Air.  If they do, they will have to run over to the patch bay and fix the issue by either changing a patch cable or power cycling it, etc...  The Live Show Microphone will be used when a Live Studio Break is scheduled in the Broadcast Schedule.  When this happens, the player has to run over to the microphone and play a mini-game where they have to accurately type the On Air Script.  Their inaccuracy will result in a lower station rating thus lowering their listener donations.

Anyway!  Moving along!  En is working on environmental art and character animations and I (Kurt) am working on implimenting those and also working on the game music!

Check back soon!

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