Added features by Artist, and Updated Presentation

Alyssa Deck told me that she added a new capsule like creation that encases the whole sculptural level.  I went to Artlink to grab the new project file and uploaded it into Unity, only taking the newly added feature and discarding the models that stayed the same.

I decided to take this as an opportunity to rework how we're presenting this.  Our first version presented the work inside an architectural box of sort, in attempt to make it look like some type of art gallery.

This time I went for a more open feel, making it feel a bit more like an alien world.  I then just put tag panels in so that players could still read credit information.

I'm considering totally abandoning the idea of art tags in game, but am still playing with it.  Comment if you have suggestions!!!

<3 Kurt


Bee Garden V.2 47 MB
Dec 06, 2017
Bee Garden V.2 54 MB
Dec 06, 2017
Bee Garden Test V.3 Play in browser
Dec 06, 2017

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