Google Tilt Brush to Unity

I've been working with an artist to create audio/visual experiences by taking paintings that she (Alyssa Deck) creates in Google Tilt Brush at a local art gallery here in  Fort Wayne, IN, called Artlink Contemporary Gallery, and importing them into Unity using Google Tilt Brush's new Unity SDK.  

I am a total newbie in video game development, as I am an audio/music composer, but I have been teaching myself C# as I can find time.  Because I am new, I found a local programmed, Kevin Brooks, who wants to donate some time to a creative endeavor outside of his regular day job.  He has been absolutely wonderful with getting things to work with this.  It definitely has helped that I have read enough to understand that programming is all about knowing your logic, and presenting it as straight forward as you can.  Communication has been great between us.

Anyway.  I composed the music/sound design for this along with Alyssa Deck's visuals.  We hope to create more of these, but this was our first learning step in this.

Follow along with me as I update if you'd like!

Kurt Roembke

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Nov 12, 2017
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Nov 12, 2017

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